mardi 30 juin 2009


Fantastic weather today. When They covered (the portuguese painters) all the dining room with plastic, the only decent room in this house, that was still looking like a room before this morning, I decided it would be better to eat somewhere else tonight. Why not a picnic on the banks of the Seine river! Good idea, summer is here, and the time is right....

I always dreamed to prepare one of Mrs Beeton's simple recipe for a picnic. Here are the ingredents you will need for an impromptu picnic:

A joint of cold roast beef
a joint of cold boiled beef
2 ribs of lamb
two shoulers of lamb
4 roast fowls
2 roast ducks
one ham
one tongue
2 veal and ham pies
2 pigeons pies
6 medium sized lobsters
1 piece of collared calf's head
18 lettuces
6 baskets of salads
6 cucumbers
stewed fruit
4 dozens of pastry biscuits
2 dozen of fruit turnover
4 dozen cheesecakes
2 cold cabinet pudding in moulds
2 blancmanges in moulds
a few jam puffs
1 large cold plum-pudding
a few baskets of fresh fruits
3 dozen of plain biscuits
a piece of cheese
6 lbs. of butter
4 quartern loaves of household bread
3 dozen rolls
6 loaves of tin bread (for tea)
2 plain plum cakes
2 pound cakes
2 sponge cakes
a tin of mixed biscuits
1/2 lb. of tea. Coffee is not suitable for a picnic, being difficult to make.
A stick of horseradish
a bottle of mint sauce
a bottle of salad dressing
made mustard
pepper and salt
good oil
pounded sugar

3 dozen quart bottles of ale
2 dozen bottles of ginger-beer
2 dozen bottles of soda-water
Two dozen bottles of lemonade
6 bottles of sherry
6 bottles of claret
champagne à la discrétion
other light wine that may be preferd
 2 bottles of brandy
Water can usually be obtained; so it is useless to take it.

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