mardi 23 juin 2009

Salmon with green lentils and basmati rice.

We are moving soon and my kitchen looks more like a battlefield than a place to cook. Summer is here now so I am going to cook low fat food for a couple of weeks in order to go to the beach....

For two persons

Two salmon fillets with the skin ( approx 450g) from the fish market
200g of green lentils
2 cloves of garlic
1 oignon
a branch of rosemary
a bunch of coriander
Olive oil
The juice of one lemon
One cup of basmati rice
Salt and pepper

Wash the lentils and cook for 30 minutes in five times their volume of water with the grossly cut oignon, the garlic and the branch of rosemary. When done throw away the rosemary and put the lentils in a bowl, season with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and coriander; let it rest. Wash the rice and boil in plenty of water for 11 minutes. Cook the salmon in a pan. I use a little oil because I like to eat the skin crispy ( I take off the shells), but no need, salmon have enough fat to be cooked without oil. On a high fire I cook it two and a half minutes on each side, so the middle is still raw, if you don't like cook it on a medium fire longer.

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