vendredi 5 juin 2009

teriyaki style skewers

So this is what I did whith the other half of yesterday's beef. Today is friday, THE BIG night, the night when I go out to meet all my friends. We don't come back home before midnight, so this  is not the perfect time for an extensive and long cooking session.  I usually prepare  something that can be ready to eat in a few minutes, fish for example. I had this beef  marinating in teryaki sauce in the refrigerator,  I put it on skewers and prepared rice. When we will come home tonight I will grill the skewers on a fantastic vintage 1970's grill while pouring  sauce on the meat so it will not get too dry.

The marinade:  I mixed togheter soy sauce,  garlic, mirin, red wine, sugar, ginger and a little hot pepper (my taste). I just put the beef in it, quite simple.

  Grill and ready to eat! 

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