mardi 9 juin 2009

Lunch ready in five minutes

I have really no time for cooking today: an exam tomorrow that I can not afford to miss.  No time for cooking does not mean eating bad stuff. I was amazed yesterday at the super market to see what people were buying for dinner, and I saw young people with frozen pizzas, canned vegetables, dried soup, already prepared salmon and cooked chicken breasts.  Not only it is more expensive than fresh food, but I don't think it is so good for health. Well...This is one of my five minutes to prepare lunch recipe: Smoked duck breast salad.

One lemon
 one spoon of Dijon mustard ( in France we just call it mustard
Salt an pepper
 olive oil 
 worcestershire  sauce
 one egg
 smoked duck slices

Boil an egg. Put salt and pepper in a bowl, press the lemeon, add a drop of tabasco, a splash of worcestershire, the mustard. Mix it and add olive oil while mixing, until the salad dressing is consistent. pour on the salad and toss, add cilantro or basil to your taste, serve with the smoked duck and the egg. I like to put a little tabasco on the egg with lemon juice, like they do in mexico. Simple and tasteful.

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