lundi 8 juin 2009

Duck ravioli with cepes and ricotta

I love making fresh pasta at home, but be sure you are not in a rush when you prepare this meal, it requires a little time.

For two peoples

 1 1/2 cup of flour, two or three eggs, a little salt.

Filling and sauce:
 One duck breast with the fat
 a bunch of fresh basil and herbs you may have in your kitchen or garden
 a glass of red wine or porto if you have
 some spanich
20 g of dried cepes (if you have fresh it's of course better) 
plenty of garlic
 5 tomatoes
7 mushrooms
 olive oil
parmesan cheese
 20cl of fresh cream.

First put the mushrooms in a small casserole of hot water. Next prepare the pastas. Put the flour and salt in a bowl, dig a hole in the center and add the eggs. Mix it with your hands. if the mixture is too dry, add another egg. Knead for several minutes until you obtain a beautiful pasta. I usually leave the pasta wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator for more than an hour, it is easier to work it after.

Now we will prepare the filling. Take the duck and put it in a pot, cover with the glass of wine, add the water from the cepes, but strain before, it might contain sand. Put on the top of the duck leftover herbs you have on your counter or refrigerator, like rosmary, a branch of celery, whynot use a carrot. Put some garlic also. Leave it there for around  35 minutes at 200° celsius, until cooked but not overcooked. Now that the duck is perfect, take away its fat, you will use it later. Throw away the herbs and keep the cooking juice. Cut the duck in small pieces and put in a bowl. Add the ricotta, cut garlic, cut basil, cut cepes, cut cooked spanish, parmesan cheese. Let it rest a little

Now we can cook the sauce. Cut some garlic, Peel and cut the tomatoes, wash and cut the mushrooms. In a pan cook the mushrooms with olive oil. When done, put them on the side, and add the garlic. When the garlic  begins to smell add the tomatoes. When tomatoes are caramelized add the strained perfumed juice you kept from the duck. Let it reduce slowly. You may add another glass of wine. 20 minutes after add the cream and lower the fire. 

It is time to prepare the ravioli. If you have a pasta machine use it and make a thin pasta, if you don't, roll it with the bottle of wine you used for the sauce. When done, cut it in circles with a glass or a bowl around 8 centimeters in diameter. Put some filling on each circles,  put a little water on the edges with your fingers or a brush, fold them in two, pressing with you fingers.

Before eating, put the plates you are going to use in the oven to keep ravioli and sauce warm while you eat them, fry the ravioli in a little olive oil, on both sides, finish the cooking in the pan full of sauce a few minutes, you'll get a nice, crispy/soft texture. Top with sauce, serve in hot plates with parmesan cheese and a nice fresh bread. Hou la la!  It is Fabulous!

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