mardi 2 juin 2009

my first recipe

I am not a big fan of soups, though I like cooking it in winter, or for my grandmother. However, I had a wonderful chicken stock from the two birds I cooked yesterday for a dinner party, and wanted to use it.  At this time of the year we have beautiful rosemary, eggplants and zucchini, so I decided to make a grilled chicken and vegetable soup. First, I sliced the carrots, mushrooms, pepper, oignons, leeks, zucchinis, and cooked them in the fat that was on the top of my stock on very high fire, until caramelized but not quite al dente. Then I added the stock, peeled tomatoes, and reduced the fire to very low. Meanwhile, I grilled some chicken breasts, sliced them and add to the soup.  I let it cold and put it in the fridge so all the flavors would mix perfectly. I reheathed the soup on a very high fire, to keep all the vegetables flavor and not overcook them, served it hot with lemon juice, salt and pepper. It was fantastic

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