samedi 6 juin 2009

Nostalgic 1950's breakfast

It is raining on Paris today, a bit chilly. A perfect time to watch "I love lucy", light candles, put on the table  a 1940 tablecloth, 40's and 50's dinnerware, and prepare a big pot of coffee. I felt a little nostalgic and needed a good saturday breakfast like I used to have when I was a little child but didn't want to go out to buy bacon and eggs, too cold outside. I rememberd we ate crêpes with maple sirup sometimes on the weekend.  There was no milk in the refrigerator so I replaced it by plain yoghurt and water. No maple sirup either, I made a caramel with butter, brown sugar and a little flour. I had this breakfast while watching Lucy Ricardo serving her husband pancakes...

Ricky Ricardo: [sees pancakes on his plate] Hey! Tortillas! 
Lucy Ricardo[sarcastically] Yeah. I made them out of Aunt Jemina Tortilla Mix. 
Ricky Ricardo: Oh, I keep forgetting here in America you call them Flap Cakes. 
Lucy RicardoCome again? 
Ricky Ricardo: Hot Jacks? 
Lucy RicardoYou were closer with tortillas. They are Hot Cakes! 
Ricky Ricardo: Oh! 
[tastes some] 
Ricky Ricardo: No, these are Cold Cakes. 

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