lundi 22 juin 2009

Avocado topped with crayfish tails

A very good entrée. We are trying to loose some weight so I am making it a little bigger and will serve with fresh bread as a meal.

3 Avocado
1 Lemon
One bunch of fresh coriander
a small oignon
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Crawfish tails

In a bowl crush the avocados with the oignon cut in small pieces and the clove of garlic. Add the lemon juice. cut the coriander and add to the mix with olive oil,  salt and pepper. Let it rest in the refrigerator. Berfore serving, take the plates, put on a metal ring ( or a yoghurt plastic pot, cut the bottom), press in it the avocado mixture. Place on the top the crayfish tails. Take off the ring and use on the next plate. I feel so healthy eating this delicious meal

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